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Features: Parses your AWS schemas into documentation, choose the documention output, shows rules matched to your events, add metadata to each event property, show example events, light & dark more, and more...

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You choose the documentation output

EventBridge Atlas allows you to render documentation in various formats. Supporting Docuowl, AsyncAPI, Slate and Flow (node) diagrams.

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how it works

How it Works

  1. 1. Clone Project and Setup

    Check the documentation for how to get started

  2. 2. Select documentation output

    EventBridge Atlas supports Docuowl, Slate and AsyncAPI outputs. Select which one you want and generate documentation automatically.

  3. 3. Customise

    Add descriptions to each event source, schema and property on each event.

  4. 4. That's it...

    Run our command, build the documentation and host it where ever you want. read more...

Start documenting your schemas now...

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